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Following an unplanned caesarean birth for my son in 2016, when I fell pregnant in 2018 with my daughter, I knew I wanted a natural birth and wanted to do everything I could to make this possible. I had heard of hypnobirthing and when I began to read more about it, I was sure this could help me achieve the natural birth I longed for.

As my pregnancy progressed, I was mindful that the majority of babies are born after 40 weeks and knowing the baby would come when it was ready, I tried to keep myself calm and relaxed. I filled my days on maternity leave by doing things I enjoyed and I very much focused on the birth I hoped to achieve. My husband and I discussed my birth preferences in the later weeks of my pregnancy and although he was still unsure that hypnobirthing would have a positive impact on my labour and birth, he was fully supportive, and we listened to relaxations together at bedtime in the final few weeks.

As it turns out, our daughter decided she was ready to enter the world 2 days ‘early’ and that evening, after putting our son to bed, my waters began to trickle. Once my surges/contractions started, my husband said the change he saw in me surprised him immensely. Instead of the panic and tension observed during a surge in my first labour, I was calm, and through focusing on my breathing, I was able to go into a relaxed little bubble until it passed. I was managing each surge so well at home that we didn’t rush to the hospital and it wasn’t until reaching the labour ward that I realised just how imminent my daughter’s arrival was. Although I had hoped for a water birth, it wasn’t to be, I gave birth just half an hour after arriving in the hospital room, with no pain relief and with my husband by my side. 

Sleeping, peaceful baby

Hypnobirthing gave me the tools I needed to trust my instincts and remain calm to allow my body to give birth naturally. It also provided my husband with a purpose and he was a huge advocate for me in the short time we had at hospital before our daughter arrived, relaying my wishes to midwives and being there for me in the way I needed him to be.  Following the birth, I felt wonderful and incredibly proud and I can actually say that I enjoyed the whole experience.

Immediately after our daughter’s birth, I started sharing our experience with passion and enthusiasm and soon realised I wanted to help spread the word and facilitate other women in their preparation for labour and birth. In 2019, while still on maternity leave, I enrolled on the KGHypnobirthing teacher’s course which is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives and I now hold a KGH diploma. I am excited to be able to offer the KGH course to pregnant women and their birth partners to help them achieve their own positive birth experience.


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