The Birth of Baby Tommy

Jess is a second-time mum who welcomed her baby son in a planned homebirth.

I always love reading everyone’s birth stories and want to share mine. 🥰

Myself and my partner knew we wanted a home birth. With the current restrictions with covid and the risk, we just wanted to be able to be relaxed in the lead up to and labour of our son so decided to attend the Hypnobirthing Zoom meetings with Demelza, Tranquil Baby. It was recommended to me by my friend and it was amazing to learn how to control breathing and how positive affirmations can really affect the way the brain works. I wasn’t worried or anxious about giving birth and I believe what I learned from Demelza really helped this. I had positive affirmations posters around my kitchen and used the relaxing audios from the course every evening to go to sleep. Not only is it relaxing and good to listen to but I found it really helped with my pregnancy insomnia. I was able to easily fall asleep every night. I feel that what we learned from the course, really helped me get through the early parts of labour, with breathing and reminding myself of the positive affirmations, and it helped my partner with knowing what to say and when, and to be so strong and supportive throughout. 

My midwife Laura was also so supportive of the hypnobirthing and gave me some essential oils to use in the lead up to and during labour that really calmed me.

On Tuesday 9th March at 11:30 I had a sweep at 40+2 weeks. It was classed as successful. I was 2cm dilated and just had a bit of cervix to thin. 

About 1pm I started having irregular surges, every 30 mins apart which were really not painful at all. This lasted all day but they didn’t get closer together or more painful. We went for a walk, had some dinner and I had a bath. They were still randomly happening so we moved the room around ready for the pool to be set up, but went to bed about 11pm. The surges woke me at 2am on Wednesday 10th March, so we come downstairs and set everything up. They were then every 2-5 minutes but not painful. We decided to call the midwife, just in case, as I’ve heard of 2nd births happening faster than the 1st time. My lovely midwife, Laura, turned up at 3am and checked me at 3:30am, saying I was 2/3cm but things were progressing so she stayed with us, which was a lovely support. My partner was still setting the pool up and at the time the surges were still bearable with just breathing but having someone put pressure on the bottom of my back as I had a one, really helped. So, between them both, they set the pool up and attended to me. 

Around 4am another lovely midwife, Jessie, arrived and between the midwives and my partner they filled the pool ready for me to get in and supported me with whatever I needed to get through each surge. Positive affirmations and pressure on my back was all I needed at that point. 

Come 5am I was struggling to get through them and asked for gas & air. It was lovely being at home as I had so many different options/areas to get comfortable in. I ended up using my ball to bend over and roll into my surge. I put it near the back door as it was slightly cooler, with being in a smallish room and the warm water in the pool, I felt quite hot so the draft from the door was a relief. Then the student midwife, Lauren, turned up and was really helpful and supportive too. 

My daughter was in bed the whole time. Then she was picked up so I could relax into the last stage of labour and it was relaxing for me knowing she wasn’t upstairs. 

Because of how frequent and intense the surges were, I was able to get into the pool and the relief was amazing, using gas & air as well. I stayed in there until 7:30am when I could feel my tummy muscles wanting to push down but it wasn’t overwhelming enough, meaning I wasn’t actually ready. 

I had to get out of the pool to be examined, to find I was only 5cm. This was a real hard point in my labour as I was convinced I was so close and then the realisation of being at home and not having any other pain relief options other than the pool & gas and air really hit hard. I was already finding the surges very intense and I knew they would get worse and I had got it into my head that once my waters had gone they would be unbearable and I wouldn’t be able to do it. But then I panicked as I really didn’t want the ride in the ambulance to get the extra pain relief as it was an hour and would have been very uncomfortable. 

Luckily, I had the most supportive partner and midwives with me and my partner explained to them how my first labour went with our daughter and how I was at 5cm for ages, they broke my waters and she was born 2 hours later. I was still panicked as I knew the surges would intensify once waters were gone and I thought I was already struggling, so we went upstairs, and my partner spoke to me alone. He reminded me how strong I was, how I could do it and how even though not all labours are the same, that I should allow them to break my waters when they could and see what happens. He was so assertive, so supportive and positive. He knew I could do it and he really changed my mindset. 

Because I had been examined at 7:30am, they waited 2 hours before checking me again and said if I hadn’t progressed then they could break my waters. So, I was lying over my bed and all of a sudden relaxed into the surges. I think I snoozed in between them! It’s like my body knew I needed the rest. At 9:50am, I got examined and was still 5cm, so my waters were broken and my midwife wanted me to progress a bit before getting into the pool. 

At about 10:30am, I was able to get back into the pool and the overwhelming need to push took over my body, as the head didn’t appear with the first few pushes, Laura examined me in the pool and helped move some excess membrane in the way. By 11:08am, he was out, cord wrapped around his neck but in my arms, safe and so calm. 

After I don’t know how long, I got out of the pool and delivered the placenta. My partner had skin to skin as I got examined and I didn’t need any stitches. Then I got put into bed, with tea & toast and just enjoyed skin to skin time with my son. The midwives left us to it, checking in every now and then. They stayed for about 2 hours and then we were left to it. My partner had to sort the pool and clean everything downstairs, but it meant I had skin to skin and time with my son and it was just amazing. 🥰 

For me the most amazing part of it all was the lead up. Being at home was relaxing and the after part, being in my bed so soon after, was just wonderful.  

Massive love to Laura, Jessie & Lauren, couldn’t have done it without them and my amazing partner. Jessie got some amazing pictures throughout that we can treasure forever. 

Family complete 🥰


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