The Birth of Baby Beatrice

Samantha, a first-time mum gave birth to her daughter Beatrice at 34 weeks via emergency caesarean. Despite her birth experience being very different to that which she had hoped for, she felt she was able to use hypnobirthing techniques to help her stay calm and in control. She feels the birth of her daughter was a really positive experience and has kindly shared her story below.

My due date was the end of December & I had done the hypnobirthing course with Demelza in October. During & after the course I practised my relaxations and breathing with the help and support of my partner. I felt that by the time my baby arrived at the end of the year I would be prepared for birth. I had got most things ready for her arrival & was going to pack my hospital bag at the beginning of December.

Things didn’t quite work out as planned though. I went into hospital on the 18th November for observation & monitoring as I’d had a small amount of bleeding. I went in around midday & a couple of times during the day they mentioned I may need a c-section. I used the hypnobirthing techniques of breathing and positive thoughts to keep me calm throughout the afternoon and the up breathing really helped when I had an internal examination- remembering that a relaxed body feels less pain and discomfort.

I used the BRAINS method when the doctors again mentioned an emergency c-section just after 8pm so I knew my options.  My baby was in distress, so the best course of action was to have a caesarean, & I was wheeled down to theatre at 8.22pm & had my baby under general anaesthetic at 8.32pm.

I felt calm & in control the whole time & the only time I felt myself get upset & overwhelmed was when I was heading into surgery, but the doctors and nurses were so incredible that I soon calmed down & concentrated on my breathing until I was under the anaesthetic.

Having my baby 6 weeks earlier than expected via an emergency c- section wasn’t at all what I’d planned but I still look back on the day & view it as a positive birth & I see the extra weeks with my beautiful daughter as a wonderful bonus.


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